vigem bus driver

ViGEm Bus Driver

Created by Nefarius Software Solutions e.U, the Vigem Bus Driver is a kernel-mode driver capable of emulating Xbox and PlayStation controllers on Windows based systems.

A crucial driver for popular input mapper tools such as DS4Windows and DualSenseX to function properly.



The ViGEmBus Driver (Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus) is a foundational tool in the realm of gaming and device emulation on Windows PCs. It provides a system-level emulation protocol that allows software to create virtual gamepad devices recognized by Windows as native controller inputs. This driver is essential for various applications that require game controller emulation to enhance functionality and compatibility across numerous gaming and virtual reality platforms.

Developed by Nefarius Software Solutions, led by Benjamin Höglinger-Stelzer (nefarius), the ViGEmBus Driver acts as a bridge for translating various input devices into universally accepted virtual Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers on Windows systems. This enables applications that don’t natively support certain controllers to use them as if they were Xbox controllers, which are broadly supported.

It was in development from August 2017 to August 2023 but as of 2 November 2023, VigemBus has been retired and archived due to a registered trademark conflict with ViGEM GmbH and will no longer receive any updates in the future. However, a new successor is in the works, called VirtualPad. For now, the Vigembus driver will continue to work as usual and won’t affect popular input mapper tools such as DS4Windows and DualSenseX.

You can read the full End-of-Life statement here and we recommend running the tool Legacinator to remove any old drivers, update warnings and ultimately to update the Vigembus auto-updater domain information by downloading the latest release.

Magic Numbers

VigemBus has grown into a crucial utility for many gaming projects!

Projects Served


The ViGEmBus Driver comes with several notable features:

  1. Controller Emulation: It can emulate Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, making it incredibly useful for games and software that only support Xbox controllers.

  2. Wide Compatibility: Supports a range of input devices including PlayStation controllers, Nintendo controllers, and various third-party gamepads.

  3. Multi-Controller Support: Capable of handling multiple virtual controllers simultaneously, which is ideal for multiplayer gaming on a single PC.

  4. Low Overhead: Designed to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring minimal impact on system performance even when multiple virtual controllers are active.

  5. High-Level API Support: Offers a high-level API for developers, making it easier to integrate into applications needing advanced controller emulation.

Tools and Companies using VigemBUS DRIVER for their Projects

Featured Clients

Several popular software applications utilize the ViGEmBus Driver to provide enhanced functionality and compatibility:

  • DS4Windows: Allows PlayStation DualShock and DualSense controllers to be used as Xbox controllers on Windows.
  • DualSenseX: Brings PlayStation 5 DualSense controller features to Windows, using ViGEmBus for controller emulation.
  • Parsec: A game streaming platform that uses ViGEmBus to emulate controllers over network streams, enabling local multiplayer gameplay over long distances.
  • XOutput: A tool that converts DirectInput into XInput, using ViGEmBus to help older controllers work with new games.
  • Oculus VR: Some VR applications use ViGEmBus to integrate traditional gamepad inputs into VR environments, enhancing control schemes within virtual reality.

How to Install

Step 1: Download ViGEmBus Driver

  1. Go to our Download section to download ViGEm Bus.

Step 2: Install ViGEmBus Driver

  1. Once the download is complete, run the installer executable.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver. Administrator rights are required to complete the installation.

Step 3: Confirm Installation

  1. After installation, you can check the Device Manager under “System devices” to confirm that the “Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus” is listed, indicating a successful installation.
vigembus driver
vigem bus driver
Frequently Asked Questions


ViGEm Bus Driver is a Windows kernel-mode driver that allows to emulate various physical gamepad devices to Windows operating system on x86/x64 platforms. It’s core goal is to allow for low-level access to the input capabilities of games and other applications that do not natively recognize standard input methods.

ViGEm Bus Driver may be used by software developers working on projects related to gamepad emulation, controller mapping utilities, or possibly other applications requiring low-level access to the input channels not natively recognized by the target. It is particularly helpful for custom controller support in games that do not have it built-in or for emulating gaming peripherals using regular input devices.

Yes, ViGEm Bus Driver is free and open-source software under BSD-3-Clause, see LICENSE for more information.

ViGEm Bus Driver can emulate a wide variety of physical gamepad devices, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Pro & Joycon, DualShock 3, DualShock 4 and DualSense as well as supporting arbitrary mappings between virtual and physical devices.

Yes, VigemBus is perfectly safe to use and is digitally signed by Nefarius Software Solutions e.U. a Reputable gaming peripherals developer with virus-free source code.

To uninstall Vigem Bus Driver on Windows;

  1. Type in the search bar Control Panel and open it.
  2. Now click on “Uninstall a Program” under “Programs”.
  3. Search for Vigem Bus Driver and click on Uninstall.
    uninstall vigem bus driver
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to successfully remove Vigem Bus Driver.