vigem bus driver
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Ever wondered why that darn game controller just won’t show up in games, Steam or your favourite emulator? Machine crashes once you plug in a DualShock 3/4? Struggling with getting that lid off of your pickles jar? Well, I can’t help you with that, but for the game controller issues, read on!


The Legacinator is a simple self-contained .NET 4.8 application that has one task: it scans your machine for traces of known legacy (outdated, potentially faulty) device drivers (leftovers from ScpToolkit, outdated ViGEmBus copies etc.) and provides a solution to the user.



This tool was built for Windows 10 or later. Anything lower might work but is not supported. Since .NET 4.8 ships with Windows, the tool should be ready to run once downloaded.

Legacinator on first launch - detecting installed drivers
fixed legacy drivers
All drivers successfully updated and no legacy drivers remain

Download Legacinator

File Size3.25MB
Last Updated11 November 2023

This project was only possible with the investment of many years of learning, research and dedication. You’re receiving this work for free, if it brought you joy, considergiving back and spend a few coins ❤️