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Legacinator is a software utility developed by Nefarius Software Solutions, specifically designed to manage and clean up legacy device drivers on Windows systems. This tool is particularly useful for users who have previously installed various game controller drivers and need to ensure that outdated or faulty drivers do not interfere with new installations or system performance.


What is Legacinator?

Legacinator is a self-contained application built on the .NET 4.8 framework, focusing on detecting and handling outdated device drivers, particularly those related to game controller emulation tools like ScpToolkit and older versions of ViGEmBus drivers. Its primary function is to scan for and identify remnants of legacy drivers that could potentially cause conflicts or system issues, offering users a straightforward method to clean their systems effectively.

Features of Legacinator

Legacinator boasts several key features designed to enhance user experience and system reliability:

  1. Legacy Driver Detection: The tool scans the system for specific traces of known outdated drivers, which might still be lurking within the system without the user’s knowledge.

  2. Clean-Up Capabilities: Once it identifies these legacy drivers, Legacinator provides options to safely remove or update them to prevent any potential conflicts with newer software versions or system components.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the application allows users with various levels of technical expertise to easily manage legacy drivers without the need for deep technical knowledge.

  4. Automated Processes: For common issues related to specific outdated drivers, Legacinator can automate certain tasks, such as updating or removing old drivers, simplifying the maintenance process.

Creators of Legacinator

Legacinator was developed by Benjamin Höglinger-Stelzer and the team at Nefarius Software Solutions e.U., a group well-known for their contributions to the gaming and emulation community, particularly in the area of input device management. Their work on various driver utilities like ViGEmBus and HidHide has been crucial in enhancing compatibility and functionality for users who wish to use alternative input devices on Windows systems.

Download Legacinator

File Size3.33MB
Last Updated29 December 2023

Installing and Configuring Legacinator on Windows 10/11

This tool was built for Windows 10 or later. Anything lower might work but is not supported. Since .NET 4.8 ships with Windows, the tool should be ready to run once downloaded.

Step 1: Download Legacinator

  1. Access the official GitHub repository for Legacinator by Nefarius Software Solutions.
  2. Navigate to the “Releases” section and download the latest version of the Legacinator installer.

Step 2: Install Legacinator

  1. Once downloaded, locate the installer file and run it.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Legacinator on your system. The installation process is straightforward and typically does not require any complex configurations.

Step 3: Using Legacinator

  1. Launch Legacinator from your Start menu or the installation directory.

  2. Upon starting the program, it will automatically begin scanning your system for any known legacy drivers associated with game controllers and related emulation tools.

  3. After the scan is complete, Legacinator will display a list of detected legacy drivers. You can then choose to update or remove each detected item based on the recommendations provided by the tool.

  4. If updates are available for certain drivers, Legacinator may facilitate direct downloading and installation of the latest driver versions.

  5. For drivers that are no longer needed or are causing conflicts, Legacinator will offer an option to safely remove them from your system.

Legacinator on first launch - detecting installed drivers
fixed legacy drivers
All drivers successfully updated and no legacy drivers remain


Legacinator is an essential utility for users who frequently manage multiple input devices and driver installations on their Windows PCs. It ensures that outdated or conflicting drivers do not degrade system performance or interfere with the functionality of newly installed software. By providing a user-friendly interface and effective management tools, Legacinator helps maintain optimal system health and stability, particularly in environments where game controller emulation tools are used. Whether you are a gamer, a developer, or just someone who needs to keep their system drivers in check, Legacinator offers a practical solution to manage legacy drivers efficiently.